Tips for Using Website

Finding Pages

To find pages on the web-site, scroll over the menu items on the left side of the web-site (e.g. Home Page, Why a Bylaw?). Click on the item you want to know more about and you will go to the main page of that section. Once you are in a section, the main sub-pages for that section will be visible on the menu bar on the left and you can click on the name of the sub-page to go to that page.
For some sub-pages, there are additional pages that link off that page that may not show up in the menu bar. 

Using the Site Map

If you want an overview of most of the pages on the web-site, click on the words “site map” that are on the bottom of every web-site page. The site-map will show you all the pages on the web-site. Clicking on the name of the page you want will take you there.

Links to Other Pages on Our SIte or Other Web-sites

Where you see a word or phrase highlighted in gold and underlined (e.g. unnecessary pesticides) , clicking on that word or phrase will take you to another page on that topic.  That page may or may not be on our web-site. If you want to return to the page where you were before you clicked on the word or phrase, then go to the very top of your web browser window and click the arrow that points left, or click on the word “Back.” You can do this repeatedly to go back over all your moves on the web-site.

Often, we have put the words  “Click here” in gold before and after the topic you can connect to by clicking on “click here.”

At other places, we have put “Read more . . .” in gold. Clicking on this will take you to more information on that topic.

If it says “Click here  to download an article, that means that a box will come up asking you if you want to download that article to your computer. This is the quickest way to be able to see large documents.

Frequent Questions

This section is a wealth of information, mostly in a question and answer format.

Resources Section

This section has all the background resources in one section. Many of these are also found in other sections of the web-site.

Discussion Forums

In this section you can type in questions or comments to share with others who are interested in the topic (e.g. your yard, the election campaign).

Contact Us Page

This has our Post Office box number and our emails for you to contact us.
Email addresses show up in gold on the web-site and clicking on them should lead you to sending an email to that address.

Enjoy! And if you need more help to navigate our web-site, contact