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In an independent poll in February 2006, 4 out of 5 people in Calgary favoured a phase out of unnecessary pesticides. If you can encourage at least 10 people to take action on this campaign, and they each convince 10 people, imagine how quickly we can let City Council know what Calgarians want!


Send an email to your own email list
to encourage folks to contact their Alderman to pass the bylaw. Give them our web-site address and encourage them to sign up on our database too to stay informed. Click here for our sample introduction email that you can use.

 Action Cards

Print out our Action Cards that can be sent to Aldermen and distribute them to those who would send them to Aldermen. There are 14 Aldermen plus the Mayor. To see key Aldermen to contact now, see the Contact Aldermen or Alderman Report page.

Click here to download Action Card.


Print out our letter-sized poster and post it in a public place!

Click here to download the poster.


Our brochures have information about the reasons for a bylaw - the Action Cards above are for direct action. Print out our brochures and distribute them to your neighbours and elsewhere
- with an Action Card if you can.  You can also contact us at info@healthycalgary.ca for more copies.

The CHC brochure is a tri-fold double-sided letter-sized brochure that can easily be printed and distributed. Please find the files for the front and back below:

CHC Brochure Front (PDF)

CHC Brochure Back (PDF)


Email, or print out, the sample article and submit it
to your local Community Association, or other organizations, to publish in their newsletters. Or publish it in your newsletter. Click here for the article.

Endorser’s Form

Ask health professionals, celebrities, or landscape experts you know to endorse the campaign
. Print off the Endorser’s Form and ask them to send it to us.

If you haven’t already contacted your Alderman, click here. It’s the most important action you can take.

Click here to sign up on our emaillist and database.