Local Naturalized Areas

Naturalizing open areas and green spaces that are not used for recreation is the best way to manage City Parks and Greenspaces naturally. Naturalization is planting plants that grow well in this ecosystem and need little to no maintenance- usually plants that are native to this area. These could be grasses, shrubs, wildflowers and trees.

If left alone, the landscape matures in a process of natural succession, leading to prairie grasslands or, in more sheltered areas, mature prairie forest.

Here are examples from around Calgary of naturalized areas.

Bowmont Natural Environmental Park by Silver Springs.

Naturalized area at Bow Trail and Sarcee Trail SW

More of the naturalized area at Bow Trail and Sarcee Trail beside a mowed area - which is more attractive?

Elbow Drive at Landsdowne Drive SW                    A natural area in Arbour Lake NW across
has over 150 native species of plants.                     from a mowed area.

Nose Hill

The City of Edmonton had a naturalization program in the mid-1990's. With the money saved from maintaining parks and boulevards (e.g. mowing), they planted 700,000 trees and shrubs. Now it looks great and costs little to maintain.