Calgary's boulevards could be much more attractive and friendly to the environment.

Many cities have made their boulevards part of the city's attraction. For example, Halifax has rose bushes on one of its central boulevards. Saskatoon has daylilies on some of its boulevards and Southern California cities have many attractive water-wise bushes on their boulevards.

The City of Edmonton had a naturalization program in the 1990's. With the money saved from mowing boulevards they planted trees and shrubs and now the sides of roadways like the Whitemud freeway look great!

Drought tolerant tawny daylily on a Saskatoon boulevard. From
Tawny daylily planted on a boulevard in Saskatoon. Photo by Brian Baksten.
From "Creating the Prairie Xeriscape" by Sara Williams.

Halifax's rose-covered boulevard.

Calgary could do similar plantings even though our climate is different than these cities - there are species which thrive here.

Below are some samples of what most of our boulevards look like currently - not so attractive and tax dollars go towards needless mowing.

Boulevards in a NW Calgary parking lot - this could be done along roadways:

A boulevard in Elbow Valley - just west of Calgary - this could be done in Calgary.

See Local Naturalized Areas for more examples of naturalized boulevards.