Sign Petitions


We will mobilize a petition if we cannot get a majority of City Council to support a pesticide bylaw by early 2008. If we have a valid and sufficient petition, City Council has to pass the bylaw

This means collecting about 120,000 signatures within a 60 day period. In order to be ready in case we need to take this action, we want as many people as we can get signed up on our email list.  Please spread the word about the campaign and encourage people to sign up on our email list now.

Click here to sign up on our emaillist and database.


Print off, sign, and mail in the federal petition to the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment. They are working to have unnecessary pesticides banned at the federal level. Click here to download the national petition.

If you haven’t already contacted your Alderman, click here. It’s the most important action you can take.