Protecting Soils

Why a bylaw?   To protect and restore soils.

Soil hosts an entire ecosystem of different living organisms and micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria, fungi, nematodes, worms). These forms of life are essential to the growth of  plants in the soil. The micro-organism interact with each other, the minerals in the soil, and plants to release nutrition to the plants which they need in order to grow and thrive. All plants on the planet that grow in soil, and the animals that eat those plants (including humans!), rely upon these tiny organisms for sustenance.

From Thanks to the Sustainable Studies Institute.

In the last 100 years, chemical and mechanical practice (tilling) have depleted the organic matter in soils globally by about half. It's time to restore the life in our soils. Natural landscaping practices can do this, leaving the soils, and thus the plants that grow in them, richer, healthier and more vibrant each year.

Natural landscaping practices are sustainable over long-term, whereas using chemicals is not. Using chemicals generally requires an ever-increasing use of chemicals to supply nutrition to the plants. Chemicals can't provide nearly the balanced nutrition as healthy, living soil does to plants.

Let's be smart and pass a bylaw in Calgary in 2008 phasing out the unnecessary use of pesticides. It's for a better, healthier future.

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Dave Dz.

“I want to live in a Calgary where our landscaping restores the soil rather than depleting it.”

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