Calgary Supports It

Why a Bylaw?  Calgary Supports It

In recent years, a public poll, initiatives such as Imagine Calgary and Sustainable Calgary, and  the Calgary Herald Editorial Board have shown that Calgarians support the phasing out of unnecessary pesticide use in Calgary.

A Public Poll Shows 4 out of 5 Calgarians Support Phasing out Pesticides

In a random public poll carried out in February 2006 by Oraclepoll, an independent polling firm, 4 out of 5 Calgarians supported phasing out cosmetic [unnecessary] pesticides:

• 82 % supported phasing out pesticide use on private residential properties
• 84 % supported phasing out pesticide use in public parks in their community
• 89 % supported phasing out pesticide use on other public spaces such as schools and hospitals

This poll was commissioned by the Sierra Club and the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE).  Read more . . . 

Global TV's Web Poll May 31, 2007

On May 31st, 2007, Global TV put a poll on their web-site during the evening news asking:  The City of Calgary has reduced its pesticide use.  Should the City increase its pesticide use to control our dandelion explosion? The results were 71% No, 29% Yes by the end of the news.

“Imagine Calgary” Plan Calling for Pesticide Reduction is Adopted by City Council

In 2005, the City of Calgary led an initiative to get citizens involved in creating a “100 year vision and plan for a sustainable Calgary in order to ensure a prosperous economy, clean environment and high quality of life for the people who live here in the decades to come.” (1) 

18,000 Calgarians were involved in Imagine Calgary.  In 2006, City Council adopted the plan that resulted: The Long-Range Urban Sustainability Plan for Calgary.

On page 72 of the Plan, Strategy 4, the first point reads: “Reduce pesticide use to zero by 2010 for community and City operations.” (2) In order to reduce pesticide use in Calgary to zero by 2010, the Coalition for a Healthy Calgary is calling for the City to pass a pesticide bylaw in 2008 so that it can be phased in over a few years.  Read more . . .  

The Calgary Herald Calls for a Bylaw

 The Calgary Herald Editorial Board called for City Council to adopt a pesticide bylaw in an editorial published March 24, 2006:
  “With plenty of alternative pest control methods to choose among, there is no justification for carte-blanche use of chemicals on Calgary’s green spaces. . . . Calgary should follow the example set by other cities and proscribe pesticide use for everything but essential applications.”  Read more . . . 

Sustainable Calgary  - Citizen’s Agenda Supports a Pesticide Ban

The Sustainable Calgary Society (a non-profit organization) has been studying how Calgary is doing against key sustainability indicators since it formed in 1996,  In September 2005, Sustainable Calgary invited Calgarians to:

discuss, debate and offer solutions to the most pressing social, ecological and economic issues we     face. Over 1,000 Calgarians answered our call . . . to identify the priority actions and policies that we need to focus on in the next five years to make our city a more healthy, caring, vibrant and sustainable community. (3)

Twelve top priorities were identified and an additional 18 priorities were mentioned. The fourth of the additional 18 priorities was: “The City of Calgary should ban the cosmetic use of pesticides within city boundaries.” (4)  Read more...

National Polls Show Environment a Top Issue for Canadians

 The environment has been shown to be an important issue to most Canadians in two national polls conducted in January 2007.  "‘It's developed a top-of-mind salience the likes of which we've never seen before,’ said Allan Gregg, chair of the Strategic Counsel, which conducted the Globe/CTV News poll.”  Of note is the high percentage of Canadians willing to make sacrifices (60-70%) if this will protect future generations from environmental degradation.  Read more...

It’s Time for City Council to Follow Calgarian’s Wishes

It’s time for City Council to follow-up on its adoption of the Imagine Calgary campaign’s Long Range Urban Sustainability Plan and pass a pesticide bylaw in 2008. The vast majority of Calgarians want this.

Click here for actions you can take to support a pesticide bylaw.

Click here for information on how to use natural landscaping practices in your yard.

“I want to live in a Calgary where our parks and neighbourhoods are sources of enjoyment rather than concern”  Nancy Crites.  Click here for her story.


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