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To download a Report to Alderman Hodges on Calgary Parks and Open Spaces Can be Managed without Pesticides, click here.

For medical studies on the effects of pesticides on human health, go to our health studies page, click here

For medical studies and articles on the effects of pesticides on childrens' health, click here.

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For the Auditor General's Office - Federal Commissioner on Sustainable Development and the Environment's report criticizing the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, click here.

For a study on why bylaws are the only effective way to reduce urban pesticide use, click here.

For a report on how the City of Waterloo, Ontario has reduced costs by using natural landscaping practices instead of pesticides, click here.

Learn more about how one Calgary block of households went pesticide-free here.

For an article- Is Halifax's Bylaw Working - You Bet! click here

Click here for actions you can take to support a pesticide bylaw.

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