Canadian Partnership for children's health and environment

Partnership for Pesticide Bylaws - Materials developed in support of municipal pesticide bylaws

Gardening/Landscaping Information

City of Calgary - Water-wise gardening information - general info, plant lists, lists of books:  A Calgary web-site - the home of the Pesticide Free Yards Campaign. Lots of info on pesticides and natural landscaping practices.

Thank you to Paule Hjertaas - Saskatchewan Network for Alternatives to Pesticides for much of the following information on links.

Pesticides and Alternatives Information - Canada

Sierra Club National some fact sheets, bylaws, history of pesticide regulation in Canada,

Canadian Environmental Law Association - Publication 475 "Toxic Substances - Focus on our Children" has an especially good analysis of the faults of the current risk assessment (starting on p. 62

Coalition for a Healthy Ottawa - info for doctors, updated news, excellent fact sheets and background documents; bylaws.  Coalition for a Healthy Calgary has copied some of their pages on our site.

Saskatchewan Network for Alternatives to Pesticides - lots of great information. Especially look at the Presntations to Government under the Information section.

Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides - Quebec - Quebec Pesticide Code; alternative resources for apple trees, golf courses, list of low impact pesticides

Pesticide Free Ontario

Pesticides and alternatives Information -  United States

Note: While the U.S. has more pesticide products registered than Canada, and some are registered for more uses in the U.S., and while the label names of the pesticides are often different, the chemical pesticides and alternatives information and the informative quality of the reports produced is mostly outstanding. One just has to ensure that the products or uses described are registered in Canada when interpreting them.

Pesticide Action Network North America - the most complete pesticide data base; unfortunately not much Canadian specific information yet; subscribe to Pan-Ups, an e-news service sending information on resources, major related news and action alerts; much more

Agricultural Resources Center/Pesticide Education Project; Toxic-free Schools

Beyond Pesticides - excellent pesticide and alternatives fact sheets; news, issues, reports, campaigns

Californians for Pesticide Reform - intro to pesticides; lots of great reports including "Secondhand Pesticides"; community action guides including "Healthy School Campaign"; all is free

Californians for Alternatives to Toxics

Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides - awesome resources: some of the best fact sheets on pesticides and alternatives; many "how to" articles including "how to research health effects", "how to use Material Safety Data Sheets", etc; sign up for free "Healthier Homes and Gardens Program"

Pesticide Health Effects Research; Abstracts of peer-reviewed articles

Rachel Carson Council; especially useful are the publication for veterinarians: "36 Insecticides Used on or around Dogs and Cats"; "Basic Guide to Pesticides and their Effects"; "Rachel Carson Council News"; newsletter; video lending library ( under our page/catalog)

Silent Spring Institute
A non-profit scientific research organization  dedicated to identifying the links between the environment  and women's health, especially breast cancer.

Pesticides Information-  International

Greenpeace International Toxic Campaign

Pesticide Action Network International


Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

Children's Environmental Health Project

Canadian Neurotoxicity Information Network

Massachusetts Association for the Chemically Injured
 go to Dealing with Pesticides for topics such as :
What to do if you are or might be exposed to pesticides
Testing for pesticides
Health problems associated with pesticides


The Eco Bug Doctor


Organic Land care - certificates and diplomas in organic land care

Organic Agriculture Center of Canada; serving students, farmers and consumers; great issues (include pesticides, food safety), links; discussion forum and more

 also see Beyond Pesticides, NCAP PANNA- Pesticide Advisor Listings:
 Help! my Landlord is using pesticides