Our Vision

Our Vision

The vision of the Coalition for a Healthy Calgary is of a Calgary where everyone has the basic right met to clean air, water, and earth.

Our vision is of a Calgary that is healthy for all its residents - the people and also our pets, the birds, insects, and wildlife that share our space. A Calgary that contributes to the health of our planet.

The Pesticide Bylaw Campaign is our first initiative. We anticipate other campaigns in the future.

Here’s the musings of one of our members of what a Calgary morning could be like in the future when Calgary has passed a pesticide bylaw and embraced natural landscaping:

Somewhere in Calgary, Saturday Morning, June of the year 2015

Arms stretch upward and outward as I draw crisp, foothills air deeply into my lungs.  Windows are kept open as much as possible in our household these days and I look forward to being greeted each day by the sweet scent from native bushes, shrubs and flowers that waft up from my yard and the song from a variety of birds, many of which have recently returned to the Calgary area.  The harsh smells and sounds of so many lawn mowers firing, and chemical mixtures being sprayed, are now a distant memory.

Pre-teen and teenager are still asleep; their soccer games are not until later so I quietly make my way into the sunlit kitchen and pour myself a bowl of cereal and milk.  A soccer bag is lying where it was dropped from last night’s practice, open enough to reveal Justine’s inhaler, poking out from a dirty cleat.  “That’s where it is!” I proclaim, “Good thing she hasn’t had an attack for years!”

The sun and fresh morning air beckon me out into the front yard where I take my humble breakfast and survey the landscape; hardy dogwoods, potentilla, juniper; interspersed with areas of native grasses,  created by one of the many new natural, organic landscape companies which have sprung up and/or grown out of existing ones in Calgary. Business is better than ever, according to recent articles in the Calgary Herald.  Traveling through the side yard, I pick several ripe raspberries from bushes which straddle the neighbor’s and our yard, confident that the bushes haven’t been sprayed for years.  I pop one into my mouth and feel its tartness tickle my tastebuds!

I then walk into the back yard and plunk myself down cross-legged as I had as a child, to enjoy my breakfast.  Surrounded on three sides by flowering bushes, trees and my small garden that have replaced much of our sprawling lawn, I muse that the lawn used to occupy not only the majority of our yard space but much of our spare time! Munching happily away, I also note how soft yet hardy this new crop of Sheep’s Fescue grass is and smile as I think how little we need to cut, water or weed it.

It is then that I hear a soft humming and turn to see that it is coming from the delicate white flowers of our native honeysuckle plant.  Peering more closely I see the source- a tiny translucent colored hummingbird diligently tending each blossom. The day bodes well, indeed! 

Calgarians! Let’s Make the Vision Happen

This vision will only happen if Calgarians take action. Contact your Aldermen and candidates for the municipal election October 2007. Let them know that you want to see a bylaw passed in 2008 that phases out the use of unnecessary pesticides in Calgary. It only takes two minutes.

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