Compost Tea

For good instructions on how to make your own 5 gallon bucket compost tea maker, click here.

You can also buy ready-made bucket compost tea makers. One of the best is available in Canada at (click on tea brewers) or call the Jolly Farmer in New Brunswick at 1-800-695-8300.

5 gallons is more than enough to cover an urban yard.

Remember, if making tea with chlorinated water, let it bubble with air for 2-3 hours so the chlorine evaporates before adding your compost.  Using your own compost made from your yard waste is the best because you will be increasing the micro-organisms that live best in your yard. If you don’t have your own compost, get a good quality compost that’s made locally. Read more . . .

To spray your compost tea on your yard, you can use a backpack sprayer or a small sprayer found at local garden centres. Just make sure you get a big enough nozzle for fungal strands to pass through and so it doesn’t clog (at least 35 mesh). You may need to get a new nozzle.  Don’t use a sprayer that has been used for spraying chemicals.

If you have a little sump pump (a clean one!) you can pump the tea through your garden hose on to your lawn, trees and shrubs. Spray the tops and bottoms of your plants’ leaves as much as you can.

And here's an upcoming workshop on how to make compost tea:

Aerated Compost Tea - The Cheapest, Most Effective Way to Revitalize Your Yard

Come find out about a new way to add health to the soil and plants in your yard. You will learn:
- How to make your own compost tea brewer for your yard
- The history and benefits of aerated compost tea
- How you can use these liquid organics to build healthy plants and soil
Aerated Compost Tea is made by putting good compost in a bucket or barrel of water and bubbling lots of air through it.  The wonderful soil micro-organisms in the compost multiply and you have a rich 'soup' that you can spray on your soil and plants.
Soil micro-organisms are important to the health of your soil and plants because they break down organic matter and make nutrients available to plants.
Locations and Timing:

Saturday, June 30th : 10 - noon.
Edwards Garden Centre. 60 Bowridge Drive, NW. Call 288-9638 to register. $10.

Saturday, Sept. 29th: 10:30 - noon
. Crowfoot Public Library. Sponsored by Calgary Public Library and Clean Calgary Association. $ 10.00 - Calgary Dollars Accepted. Register your seat by calling 230 – 1443 ext. 222.
Instructor: Laureen Rama
Laureen Rama has had a passion for organic landscaping for 20 years. Her specialty is designing landscapes that are beautiful and good for the environment (low water use, habitat for beneficial insects, etc.).
Click here for how to use natural landscaping practices in your yard.

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