Landscaping Companies

Beauty Way Natural Landscape Design, Installation, and Health. 969-1176. Laureen Rama. Landscape design and installation specializing in perennial, hardy and native plants for low- maintenance, low water use and beauty. Also spraying Soil Restore liquid organics to restore soil micro-organisms and health to your yard. Overseeding your lawn with hardy grasses.
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. Earl Wiebe. Specializing in Ponds, Streams, and Waterfalls.

Rising Land Design.  Doug Nachtigall. Design and installation. Restoration of native plants a specialty.

Tinkerbell Gardens -  Topdressing with compost, creative landscape design and installation.

Top Spray -  will topdress your lawn with compost in April - May 2007 and may possibly also schedule in the Fall - ask for no grass seed if you don’t want your grass to be overseeded with their mix. Overseeding in the Spring, and possibly Fall,  with a mix containing about half Kentucky Bluegrass by volume with Creeping Red Fescue and Perennial Rye.

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