Nancy Crites

Nancy Crites B.ED, RHN, NCP
Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Lifestyle Coach

I feel very fortunate to live in a home which looks out onto a sizeable park, which gets used by many members of the neighborhood, young and old. People picnic, dogs play, kids swing, teens play frisbee- there's usually something going on there and when there's not, we find it relaxing looking out onto this green space  with its grass, trees and small garden. Unfortunately when the yellow warning signs go up about twice a year 'our park' suddenly feels like its a vacated wasteland: a source of concern rather than enjoyment. I would invite the city to investigate more natural means of maintaining the park- maybe organizing the community to help out with projects which would encourage pride in the park and build community spirit. It would give Calgarians back a sense of control over their environment as well.

 Another area where I've felt this loss of control over my environment is in my own backyard. I encourage clients in my practice to be conscious of keeping their food and environment as free of toxins as possible so it really distressed me when picking a bowl of raspberries last summer from the bushes in my own yard, I suddenly felt ill and had to lie down. The bushes I was picking from were located on the side of the yard adjacent to a neighbor who sprays and treats his yard quite readily and I felt quite powerless to stop him. A pesticide bylaw would eliminate these types of situations where pesticides are often imposed upon people without their knowledge.