Ginny Brown

My husband Michael and I are from the "sink or swim" school of lawn care (or, in our case neglect). I am opposed to pesticides ever since I (sparingly, I thought) applied some Killex on some weeds embedded in the grass and ended up with huge dead brown spots in the lawn.

 We don't like to water because we think it is a waste of a resource. When we moved in here to a pretty tired out old lawn about 5 years ago I think we applied some Weed ‘n Feed once to no great effect.

This past Spring, Michael brought in 4 cubic yards of compost and it made a remarkable difference. In addition we had the compost that the Pesticide-free Block Coordinator - Cindy Tuer-  brought in for the front yard. We were really pleased to see how it greened up our grass. I'm sure the neighbours were pleased too!

Because we feel that a lawn is pretty wasteful, it was easy to convince us to go the step further of changing to a hardier grass that doesn’t need water or fertilizer. Now we have sown Sheep’s Fescue grass and we are hoping that we will have some verdant green without the water. We have been pulling weeds for a few years and it's manageable when done in short sessions.