Rick Chan

I support Calgary passing a pesticide bylaw. Governments have the power and responsibility to encourage ethical behaviour and this bylaw is the ethical choice.

We build a better world by making choices that take us in the right direction. It’s like choosing a path from the top of a mountain - when we slide down on the side of making choices that benefit the environment, the positive effects gain momentum and spread. 

Not harming the environment is helping the environment. Natural choices are always the healthiest choices for the environment and for people.

I use natural landscaping practices - planting native trees, shrubs, and flowers, especially those that attract beneficial insects.  I also have had my lawns topdressed with compost and overseeded with Sheep’s Fescue grass to cut down on water use and maintenance. I feel good that my landscaping benefits the environment. I’m doing my part to make a better world. If everyone does their part the benefits will spread.

I have a large family in Canada, the U.S.A. and China. I actively encourage all my family and friends to use natural landscaping practices at their homes too.